Honors and Awards

  1. AbuRayhan Al-Biruni Award for “Outstanding young researcher” in physics By “The Academy of Sciences of Iran” (2016)

  2. Selected professor as a "Top training teacher" of the 3rd Education Festival in the University of Tehran (2016)

  3. Membership of the "Scientific Elite Federation" (2015-present)

  4. Elected proffessor in the Physics Department, University of Tehran (2014-2015).

  5. Distinguished International Researcher of 2014 at University of Tehran.

  6. The Alexander von Humboldt Award for research fellowship (2013-2015).
    The Host: 
    Martin Zirnbauer ( zirn@thp.uni-koeln.de ), Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of Cologne, Cologne, Germany.
  7. The Khwarizmi youth Award (2009), second ranked in the whole country.
    Proposal Subject: “Scaling relations, Geometrical properties and conformal symmetry in complex systems far from equilibrium”

  8. The Research Associate award by ICTP, Italy (2013-2019)

  9. Membership of the “Bank of excellence and researchers” in the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution in Iran (since 2009).

  10. Membership of the National Elite Foundation in Iran (since 2009).

  11. Membership of Center of Excellence in Physics –Sharif University of Technology (2009 -2011).

  12. First Place ranking in the B.Sc. students in the Iran University of Science and Technology (2002).