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                                                                                   MY Personal CV
 Name : Majid
 Family name : Modarres
 Date of birth: 19/10/1951          PLace of birth: Isfahan/Iran  Marital Status: Married      Number of Children: One daughter
 Degrees : (1) B.Sc in physics 1974, Sharif University, Tehran, Iran . (2) Diploma of Advanced   studies in physics 1976 University of Manchester , U.K.(3) Ph.D in Theoretical Nuclear Physics 1978 University of Manchester, Manchester U.K.
Title of Ph.D thesis : Strong 2-body Interactions in light Nuclei.
Ph.D supervisor : Professor J. M.Irvine, Vice-chancellor of University of Birmingham, Birmingham, B15 2TT U.K..
 Employment : (1) 1979-1980 Temporary lecturer in Theoretical Physics, University of Manchester, U.K..(2) 1980-1985 Assistant Professor of Physics, Amir-Kabir University, Tehran, Iran.(3) 1985-1986 Visiting Lecture in Theoretical Physics, University of Manchester, U.K.. (4) 1986-1993 Associate Professor of Physics, Amir-Kabir University. (5) 1994-1995 Visiting professor in theoretical physics, SISSA, Trieste Italy. (6) 1993-1997 Professor of Physics, Amir-Kabir University, Tehran, Iran.(8) 1986-2000 Senior member of Centre for Theoretical Physics and Mathematics, Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Tehran, Iran. (9) 1991-1998 Associate member of ICTP, Trieste, Italy. (10) Since 1997, Professor of nuclear and particle physics, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran.
 Experiences : (1) 1982-1984 Head of Faculty of Science, Tehran Polytechnic, Amir-Kabir University, Tehran, Iran. (2) 1984 -1997 member of editorial board of Amir-Kabir Journal (published in Persian). (3) 1987-1990 Member of graduate board of Amir-Kabir University. (4) 1990-1997 member of academic council ofAmir-Kabir University. (5) 1987-1993 Member of research council of ministry
of science and higher education. (6) Construction of Nuclear Physics Lab. for B.Sc and M.Sc students, Amir-Kabir University . (7) 1988-1990 Deputy director of physics department, Amir-Kabir University. (8) 1999-2000 Deputy of graduate studies of department of physics, University of Tehran. (9) 1999-2003 member of editorial board of Science Journal . (10) 2002-2003 Deputy of graduate studies of Faculty of science, University of Tehran. (11) Since 2005, Head of department of nuclear physics.

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