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My Short Personal information :

Date and Place of Birth : 1951, Isfahan, Iran.

B.Sc. : Department of Physics Sharif University Of Technology(1974).

D.A.S. : Department of Theoretical Physics, Manchester University (1975).

Ph.D. : Department of Theoretical  Physics, University of Manchester(1978).

University lecturer, Department of Theoretical Physics , University of Manchester (1979).

Assistant-Professor, Department of Physics, Amir-Kabir University (1980).

Associated Professor, Department of Physics, Amir-Kabir University (1986).

Professor, Department of Physics, Amir-Kabir University, (1993).

Professor of Nuclear and Particle Physics, Department of Physics, University of Tehran (since 1997).

 (refer to my personal CV).  

Contact :

Department Of Physics,

University of Tehran,

North Kargar Ave, 149955961, 

Tehran, Iran.

Fax :+98-21-8004781,  Tel:+98-21-61118645

 Email :


Recent Publications :


bulletThe angular momentum dependent calculation of the ground state energy of liquid Helium 3, M.Modarres
bulletmore ...

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