Sara Khatibi

Assistant professor

Department of Physics, University of Tehran, Tehran, IRAN
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I am working on the phenomenology of particle physics. The aim of particle physics is the better understanding of the processes governing the smallest fundamental pieces of our physical world. My research concentrates on the connection between theory and experimental results.

My research interests are:

• Collider Physics,

• Standard Model Phenomenology,

• Beyond the Standard Model Phenomenology,

• Effective Field Theory approach for BSM.


• Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute for Research in fundamental sciences (IPM), School of Particles and Accelerators, (2015-2018).

• PhD in Elementary Particle Physics, Institute for Research in fundamental sciences(IPM), School of Particles and Accelerators (2010-2015).

• M.Sc. in Elementary Particle Physics, Alzahra University, (2008-2010).

• B.Sc. in Physics, Alzahra University, (2004-2008).



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