Strong and weak are two forces of four fundamental interactions in the nature. Therefore the studies of these forces are one of the main objects of science of physics. In this respect the nuclear physics is intriguing and interesting subject where with the help of theoretical models and experimental achievements one could be able  to study the big bang primary and predominant reactions and production of light nuclei, structure of heavy nuclei in the nature, complexity of forces between  particles materialized nucleus, formation and structure of stars.
In this study the classical and quantum mechanical theories as well as experimental technology are incorporated. In fact it is not exaggerated if one assumes that the nucleus and related systems are an experimental testing ground for correctness of the fundamental physics.
Members of the nuclear group of this faculty  have lectured  in addition to different subjects of physics they also have addressed the nuclear physics and related subjects in BSc, MSc and PhD levels. Many students in MSc and PhD levels have been participating in different projects with members of this group during years.
The research area and subjects of thesis for MSc and PhD are:

  • Nuclear Structure Theory
  • Analysis and Study of Forces
  • Nuclear Matter and Neutron stars
  • Determination and Calculation of Structure Function of Hadrons Specifically Nucleon
  • Accelerators and Related Subjects
  • Pion less Effective Field Theory and Few-Body System
  • Pion full CPT (Chiral Perturbation Theory) and Few- Body System
  • LQCD (Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics)  and Few -Body System

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