Research Areas:

  • Structure function of hadrons and nuclei, EMC effect, Perturbative and nonperturbative quantum chromodynamics, Quark-gluon plasma, Gluon fusion contribution in Higgs boson cross section, Calculation of parton functions corresponding to transverse momentum and their roles in production of heavy mesons.
  • Many particle systems in strong interaction and short range.
  • Field theory and particle Physics in curved space time, Early universe, Dark energy, Dark matter.
  • Topological effects in Particle Physics.
  • The idea of holography (gauge/gravity duality) and its applications in the strongly coupled theories, most importantly, QCD and QGP (Quark-Gluon Plasma).
  • Studying QCD vacuum by topological defects like monopoles and dyons and center vortices,QCD and lattice gauge theory, Using phenomenological models to study quark confinement and calculating the potential between quarks.


Faculty members: