Our department has a relatively big group of faculty members specialized in a wide spectrum of physics. Here you can find more information about their expertise, research interests and activities, as well as, contact information, in case you need to contact them.


  • Dr. Mahjour-Shafiei, Masoud - Head of department (ریاست دانشکده)
  • Dr. Ebrahim Najafabadi, Hajar - Deputy head of department for education (معاونت آموزشی دانشکده)
  • Dr. Abdi, Yaser - Deputy head of department for research and graduate studies (معاونت پژوهشی و فارغ‌ التحصیلی دانشکده)
  • Dr. Mohammadizadeh, Mohammad Reza - Deputy head of department for administrative affairs (معاونت امور اداری دانشکده)