May 16 has been announced as the International Day of Light (IDL) by Unesco and the European Physical Society to celeberate the increadible impact the light and light-based technologies have had on the human life.

Every year at this time special events will be held around the globe to hightlight the influential importance of light in many aspects of the human life, including, health, energy resources, communication, art and architecture, developement, and so on.

At University of Tehran also the IDL will be celeberated on May 16 (26 Ordibehesht) by organizing the following activities:

  • General talks by experts in the science and art of light and light to emphasize the role light and light-base technologies have on the human life on Earth.
  • Simple demonstrations by the physics students to enrich our knowledge about the  fundamental characteristics of the light and show how light can be employed and used in daily life.
  • Gatherings, conversations, and fun activities with the subject of light.

Feel free to join the Light's Fantasy !