Flownamic-Microfluidics for Life Sciences and Medicine

Dr. Taleieh Rajabi (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany)
Monday, 93/11/13 (Feb. 2 2015) 15:30


Due to advances in medical research and science in the last decades, the chance of a cure of diseases such as cancer has increased significantly. Also other serious diseases can be cured even by the use of stem cell technology today. Only the cooperation of various fields such as bio-medicine and engineering makes the development of appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic systems possible. We have developed microfluidic systems (organ-on-a-chip) for medical, biological and pharmaceutical research and industrial applications. With these systems bio-medical experiments can be realized with high throughput and reproducibility. The use of transparent biocompatible materials allows microscopic in vitro long-term observation of living cells in artificial blood vessels whereby animal experiments can be replaced. These systems were produced microfabrication and connection method, which are available at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Areas of application are cancer research, stem cell research, research of neurological diseases.