Inherent Structures, Fragility and Jamming

Dr. Mahdi Zaeifi Yamchi (IPM)
Monday, 93/08/05 (Oct. 27 2014) 15:30


The way particles jam together to form mechanically stable packings has a significant influence on the thermodynamic, dynamic and structural properties of a wide range of materials, including crystals, liquids, and glasses. This talk will provide a comprehensive picture of the jamming phase diagram by connecting the athermal, granular ensemble of jammed states and the equilibrium fluid through the inherent structure paradigm for a system of hard disks confined to a narrow channel. In addition, this talk will explore how jamming phenomena can help explain the existence of an impossible phase transition in confined fluids, the formation of noncrystallographic structures in nanoparticles and may hold the key to developing a new form of statistical mechanics describing the behavior of athermal materials such as grains, sands and foams.