A review of effective field theory of inflation

Mohammad Akhsik (Sharif University of Technology and IPM)
Tuesday, 94/09/10 (December 1, 2015), 15:00
seminar room 1

There is no shortage of inflationary models consistent with observational data. Therefore, it's very important to adopt a model-independent approach, unify these models into a single frame-work and find their generic predictions. In general setup of effective field theory of inflation, one writes down all the operators consistent with symmetries of the theory, and hence unify various inflationary models. Each inflationary model in this setup, corresponds to a different set of operators.
In my talk, I will review effective field theory of inflation in its original formulation [arXiv: 0709.0293 [hep-th]], and then I will move on to more recent work in this direction, i.e. effective field theory of anisotropic inflation [arXiv: 1511.03218 [astro-ph.CO]].