Vortex with four-fold defect lines in a simple model of self-propelled particles

Hamid Seyed-Allaei (Sharif University of Technology)
Monday, 94/08/11 (November 2, 2015) 15:30

We studied formation of vortex with four-fold symmetry in a minimal model of self-propelled particles, confined inside a squared box, using computer simulations and also theoretical analysis. In addition to the vortex pattern, we observed five other phases in the system: homogeneous gaseous phase, band structures, moving clumps, moving clusters and vibrating rings. All six phases emerge from controlling strength of noise and contribution of repulsion and alignment interactions. We studied shape of the vortex and its symmetry in detail. The pattern shows exponential defect lines where incoming and outgoing flows of particles collide. We show that alignment and repulsion interactions between particles are necessary to form such patterns. Finally, we derived hydro-dynamical equations for our model and compared them with the results of both computer simulations and Quincke rotors. A good agreement between the three is observed.

گردابه‌ی ذرات خودران مقید با تقارن چهار گوشه

سید حمید سیدعلایی (دانشگاه صنعتی شریف)

در سال های اخیر، مادهه فعال و ذرات خودران توجه زیادی را جلب کرده اند. ذرات خودران ذراتی هستند که با مصرف انرژی در حال حرکت بوده و با یکدیگر رفتارهای تجمعی می سازند. در این سخنرانی ما به نمونه ای از ذرات خودران که به ذرات کوئینک مشهور هستند پرداخته و مدلی ساده برای توصیف این ذرات کلوئیدی ارائه کرده و نتایج را با داده های تجربی