Group living and evolution of social behavior

Dr. Alireza Sari (Department of Animal Biology, School of Biological Sciences, University of Tehran)
Saturday, 94/01/22 (Apr. 11, 2015), 15:30


The splitting of spatial and food resources with others is an important topic in animal behavior. The resource sharing and freely living with others with the relative costs of survival and successful reproduction are keys issues in development and evolution of grouping and consequently social living. There are disadvantages and benefits regarding this type of living, which is compensated with cost and benefit gains in favor of group living. There are many examples of fish, birds, insects and mammals showing survival while allocated the high cost for group and social livings. Disadvantages such as individual competition for resources, spread of diseases, shortage of living space is compensated by group defense of territory, successful breeding competition, selection of well adapted genes in population, mutual co-operation, and increase of group vigilance against predators. The altruistic behavior by helping relatives or suicidal sacrifice of colonial insects shows the individual and inclusive fitness role in evolution of species towards eusocality.